Bardahl Automatic Transmission Conditioner 300ml

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  • ATF Conditioner Bardahl automatic gearbox additive-sealant.
  • Bardahl ATF Conditioner additive is designed specifically for use in a traditional automatic transmission (ATC).
  • Maintains the viscosity of the oil and preserves the thickness of the oil film.
  • Protects against internal and external leaks from seals and gaskets.
  • Protects against oxidation and wear.
  • It is also used in steering control systems that require ATF oil (power steering).
  • Compatible with any type of automatic transmission, old and new generation.

How to use:

Add the product to the transmission oil using a syringe as follows:

  • For preventive use, use 1 package of additive.

Warning: Do not use on robotic/variable (CVT) gearboxes!

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Bardahl Automatic Transmission Conditioner 300ml

3000 Lek

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