Bardahl Injector Extractor 400ml

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  • The Bardahl Injector Dismantler facilitates the removal and disassembly of seized injectors, spark plugs or glow plugs without the need for an extractor.
  • The injector remover facilitates the extraction and dismantling of seized injectors, spark plugs or glow plugs, without an extractor.
  • Its formula ensures optimum penetration thanks to its highly concentrated active substances, allowing parts to be released without damage or risk of breakage.
  • Removes rust particles, carbon deposits, soot and gasket residues.

How to use:

  • Shake the spray can vigorously.
  • When the engine is cold, remove as much dirt as possible from the dismantling area.
  • Spray the product around the part to be dismantled. Depending on accessibility, use the appropriate extension wand.
  • Allow the product to work in until it has penetrated completely.
  • Remove the part with the appropriate tool.
  • Repeat the operation if necessary.

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Bardahl Injector Extractor 400ml

2000 Lek

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