Ceramic Graphene Inside Job

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  • Clear your shelf of countless automotive cleaners, protectants, conditioners and deodorisers; Hybrid Solutions Ceramic + Graphene Inside Job is here to replace them all!
  • This incredible car interior cleaner spray cleans and protects all the washable surfaces inside your car, including plastic, leather and rubber.
  • Natural enzymes safely remove tough stains and grime, Odor-X chemistry eliminates unpleasant smells and odours and our tropical fragrance leaves behind a fresh, floral scent, all in one easy step.
  • We’ve infused advanced ceramic and graphene polymers into the formula to repel dust and protect your car interior from harmful UV rays.
  • This powerful combination boosts the clarity and shine of your interior and keeps your car looking showroom fresh for longer.
  • Lastly, aloe vera and conditioning oils treat the plastic and leather surfaces that take a beating from exposure to harsh, UV rays, keeping these surfaces soft and supple and adding a smooth, natural sheen.

How to use it:

Step 1
Shake well and apply product directly to desired surfaces or onto a clean microfibre towel.

Step 2
Wipe surfaces thoroughly with your microfibre towel to clean and evenly distribute conditioner and protectant.

Step 3
For the best results, apply a second coat, repeating steps 1 and 2.

Step 4
Flip your microfibre to a clean side and wipe away any excess spray.



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Ceramic Graphene Inside Job

1490 Lek

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