Roof Bar Professional – L

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  • An extremely versatile system that fits almost all cargo needs simply and safely
  • This system consists of a total of 10 references: 6 fixing sets and 4 profile sets
  • These 10 references can be adapted to almost all commercial vehicles of today
  • Fixing kit: the part that fixes the rack system to the vehicle
  • Consists of four components: a universal base, a mould, an inner protective cover and an outer cover (anti-theft lock available as an option)
  • Thanks to its innovative design, it is possible to change the angle and height of each bar, thus allowing a safe loading of any type of load
  • Profile set: silver aluminium profile, with three slots of the T system to give maximum flexibility
  • It is possible to combine several accessories to be used together or separately (T-system screws are available as optional)
  • Each roof bar can hold up to 50kg, so a pair of bars can hold 100kg
  • Depending on the vehicle, up to 6 bars can be installed
  • The maximum bearing capacity is 150 kg, regardless of the number of bars installed (if there are three or more)
  • Each bar is sold individually, not in pairs


  • Single aluminium bar for vans and small commercial vehicles
  • With 3 grooves for quick mounting of a wide range of accessories
  • Maximum capacity 150 kg
  • Length 135 cm
  • Length: 140 cm
  • Height: 5 cm
  • Depth: 5 cm
  • Unit weight: 1.46kg

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Roof Bar Professional - L

6500 Lek

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