Tenzi Alux Strong Extra

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  • Highly concentrated, acidic product, designed for periodic cleaning of the strongly contaminated elements from aluminium alloys and light metals.
  • Recommended for washing and thorough cleaning aluminium wheel rims and truck broadsides.
  • Cleans by etching the surface. Works immediately.
  • Product removes sediments from brake pads and may be used for removing limescale.

Application area

  • Aluminum elements (wheel rims, broadsides, constructions)
  • Mineral carbon deposits
  • Mineral sediments
  • Limescale

Method of use

  • Create a 1:3 – 1:10 solution with water.
  • Spray the surface you want to clean and wash it down with pressured water.

Warning: Dangerous product. Roughens glassy surfaces.

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Tenzi Alux Strong Extra

7000 Lek

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