Tenzi Gran Bis

4000 Lek

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• Concentrated product, highly alkaline and odorless, designed for general cleaning of greasy stains.
• Removes impurities of animal and vegetable origin and has the ability to mix fats.
• It does not contain phosphates and is recommended to be used with the foaming method.
• pH 14

Application Area

◘ Gastronomic rooms, including their apparatus and equipment.
◘ Hard floors, walls, tiles, windows and rails.
◘ Food production and transportation, surfaces that have direct contact with food.
◘ Fishing and food industry – machinery and equipment

Method of use

◙ Prepare a mixture of 2-5% (200-500 ml / 10 l of water) depending on the level of contamination of the surface, spread on it, leave for 10-15 minutes and rinse with a large amount of drinking water.
◙ Recommended for low pressure systems.
◙ The product maintains its performance at 20-60°C.

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Tenzi Gran Bis

4000 Lek

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