Tenzi Gran Mfs Agd

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• Very effective product, designed for cleaning milk in coffee machines.
• Recommended for all types of standard coffee machines equipped with milk foam.
• Removes greasy dirt and protein build-up.
• Can be used to clean the exterior of the machine.
• Does not deteriorate the quality of the fragrance and has additional cleaning properties.
• pH 1

Application Area

◘ Coffee machines equipped with milk foam

Method of use

◙ Make a 5-10% mixture (50-100 ml / 1 l of water)
◙ Fill the milk container with the product and activate the foaming process.
◙ Wash the entire system with potable water at 40°C
◙ Repeat the process if necessary
◙ Perform cleaning every day, after finishing the work of the device

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Tenzi Gran Mfs Agd

700 Lek3000 Lek

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