Tenzi Leder Clean GT 0.6 L

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• Ready to use cleaning-washing product, designed for cleaning strongly polluted leather surfaces.
• Removes old and fresh dirt, including those of organic origin.
• Harmless to leather surfaces, slows down renewed dirt settling process and leaves a long-lasting fresh aroma.

Application area

• Grain leather, patent leather (natural and artificial)
• Leather upholstering
• Upholstered furniture
• Leather seats, couches etc.
• Footwear, bags, clothes

Method of use

• Spray the surface of the brush (with natural horsehair) and gently scrub leather with it.
• Wait about 15-20 seconds and collect the dirt with clean cloth made from delicate fiber.
• Wipe the surface until it is dry.

Warning: Do not use on suede, nubuck or oiled leather surfaces

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Tenzi Leder Clean GT 0.6 L

360 Lek600 Lek (-40%)

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