Tenzi Prix

1800 Lek7500 Lek

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• Ready to use, neutral pH product, designed for removing metallic impurities from car paint and wheel rims.
• Excellently removes various contaminations parched by high temperature, which sticks to car paint and wheel rims.
• When product comes into contact with these metallic impurities, there is a chemical reaction, during which product releases a red tint, that gives wheel rims a “bleeding” effect.
• Depending on the contamination level, uptime may take 3-5 minutes.
• Do not let it dry off. If it does, then use the product again.

Application area

• Car body, wheel rims

Method of use

• Before using, make sure that the surface is not hot.
• Spray wheel rims, wait about 5-6 minutes for the “bleeding” effect and wash it down with highly pressured water.

Warning: Do not let the product dry off on the surface.

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Tenzi Prix

1800 Lek7500 Lek

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