Tenzi Pro Detailing Carnauba 66

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Natural Protecting Hard Coat
Professional carnauba wax with 66% of original & natural carnauba. Carnauba 66 contains greatest amount of carnauba among Tenzi products. It provides enhanced color and unique scratch-filling formula. Recommended as base coating layer applied before Carnauba Care or Carnauba Shine.
Average durability: 8 – 12 months


  • Degrease the surface with IPA Cleaner before wax application.
  • Shake bottle well before using.
  • Apply the wax with rotary machine on the whole surface.
  • Leave to dry for approx. 1-3 hours.
  • Buff with microfiber towel to a high gloss.
  • Hardening time: 3-10 hours

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Tenzi Pro Detailing Carnauba 66

2400 Lek4000 Lek (-40%)

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