Tenzi Pro Detailing GX Glass

3000 Lek

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Ultra clear, easy-to-clean quartz glass protection
Invisible wiper ideal for glass surfaces: windows, mirrors and glass. Nano-ceramic coating providing long-lasting protection, clear vision and spectacular hydrophobic effect to windscreen and other glass surfaces. The product is very easy to apply thanks to comfortable atomizer.


  • Shake bottle well before use and wait 3 minutes before opening.
  • Attach sprayer to the bottle.
  • Spray onto one section of glass surface.
  • Buff the surface with microfiber towel to a high gloss.
  • Move to next glass surface section.
  • Attention: Do not apply Gx to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Do not expose the car to water for 24 hours.

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Tenzi Pro Detailing GX Glass

3000 Lek

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