Tenzi Tar & Glue Remover

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• Ready to use product, designed for quickly removing rubber stains from concrete, wood and elastic surfaces.
• Dissolves bituminous masses – tar, asphalt, duct tape stains and sticker marks.
• Effectively removes marker stains, ink, natural resin and non-hardened paint of “graffiti” type.

Application area

• Concrete, wood, elastic surfaces, original car paint

Method of use

• Product is ready to use without diluting.
• Do not mix with water.
• Apply the product on the surface, wait a moment and wash it with cloth.
• Before using, check the durability of the cleaned surface.

Warning: Do not use on rubber surfaces, soft plastics or acrylic glass.

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Tenzi Tar & Glue Remover

5500 Lek

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