Tenzi Textil-Ex

1200 Lek5000 Lek

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• Concentrated washing product for extractive method (vacuum washer).
• Does not contain optical bleaches and dissolvents.
• It is low foaming, deeply penetrates fiber structure and extracts dirt outside.
• Has a pleasant aroma, does not crystallize and requires washing down with running water.
• Dedicated for all kinds of surfaces with durable colours.

Application area

• Textile carpets resistant to water
• Upholstered furniture from artificial, natural and mixed materials

Method of use

• Use extractive method (vacuum washer)
• Laundering carpets: 100-400 ml / 10 l of water
• Use only cold or lukewarm water
• In case of stubborn stains, repeat the process
• Thoroughly wash down the surface with running water

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Tenzi Textil-Ex

1200 Lek5000 Lek

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