Tenzi Top Efekt STR

800 Lek6000 Lek

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• Low foaming, alkaline product, designed for washing strongly contaminated industrial floors.
• Dissolves impurities of greasy and oily origin.
• May be used as a stain remover for greasy stains on carpet floorings.
• Recommended for cleaning elastic surfaces such as PVC, linoleum, vinyl, resinous carpets etc.

Application area

• Industrial floors and surfaces resistant to water and alkaline substances
• Production halls, warehouses
• Staircases, corridors, sports halls

Method of use

• Mechanical cleaning: 100-200 ml / 10 l of water
• Manual cleaning: 100-300 ml / 10 l of water
• Thorough cleaning: 200-500 ml / 10 l of water

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Tenzi Top Efekt STR

800 Lek6000 Lek

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