Tenzi Uni Clean

800 Lek8000 Lek

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• Ready to use, multi-purpose degreaser.
• Effectively dissolves hard to remove greasy impurities of floral, animal and industrial origin.
• Recommended for cleaning car elements, textile surfaces, kitchen surfaces, clothes, garage devices, garden accessories, workplaces and relax centres.

Application area

• Textile surfaces
• Kitchenware (ovens, stove hoods) – degreaser
• Vehicle elements (wheels, engines)
• Floors, grouts

Method of use

• Product is ready to use without diluting.
• Spray the surface with the sprinkler and carefully spread it.
• Wait for 2-3 minutes, brush the surface and collect the dirt.
• Wash down with water and leave it to dry off on its own.

Warning: Product should not be used on soft materials, transparent plastic, wood, acrylic glass and materials without durable colours.

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Tenzi Uni Clean

800 Lek8000 Lek

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