Turtle Wax Clearvue Rain Repellent 300 ml

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• Turtle Wax ClearVue Rain Repellent 300 ml is a solvent based glass treatment which will dramatically improve all-weather visibility, safety and ease of driving especially in wet conditions.

• Ultra clear silicones and solvents leave a transparent film to repel rain, sleet and snow.

• All water will bead on treated surfaces and wick away to improve driver visibility.

• The anti-stick surface remains cleaner 3x longer than when untreated.

Method of Use

• Wash glass and allow to dry.

• Moisten a clean, soft cloth with the formula.

• Wipe the cloth over the dry glass using a circular, over-lapping motion.

• Allow to dry to a haze then repeat step 3.

• Remove the second haze by sprinkling the surface with water.

• Dry using a paper kitchen towel until the glass is clear and sparkling.

Tips & Technical Information

• For peak performance re-apply every month. Not just for your windscreen, this can be used on all exterior windows and patio doors.

• On coated/tinted glass always test first, avoid contact with paintwork or plastics.

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Turtle Wax Clearvue Rain Repellent 300 ml

890 Lek

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