Turtle Wax Finilec Instant Puncture Repair 500 ml

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• Finilec Instant Puncture Repair is an emergency ‘Get You Home’ tyre sealer.

• Punctures often happen at the worst times – in the dark, in the wet or on a motorway.

• By carrying a can of Finilec Instant Puncture Repair you are always prepared for a puncture, wherever and whenever it happens.

• Finilec Instant Puncture Repair will safely mend and re-inflate punctured tyres without the need for a wheel change.

Method of Use

• If possible remove the object causing the puncture and move the vehicle so that the puncture is at the bottom of the wheel then deflate the tyre completely.

• Shake can vigorously before use. In cold conditions, warm the can in your hands or in the warm air from your car heater vent.

• Clean tyre valve thread and screw connection tube firmly onto the tyre valve.

• Hold can upright and press the button to release the latex foam into the tyre until the tyre is firm.

• Immediately drive at least 3-6 miles (5-10 Km) to allow the latex to spread in the tyre and mend the puncture. Do not exceed 50 Km/h during this time.

• At the earliest opportunity stop and adjust the tyre pressure in accordance with the manufacturers handbook. Finilec instant puncture repair is a temporary repair. The tyre must be permanently repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Tips & Technical Information

• Do not use if tyre is displaced from wheel rim, if there is damage to the sidewall of the tyre or if the tyre has a large hole. When taking the tyre to be repaired or replaced, prior to the tyre repairer starting work inform them that you have used Finilec Tyre Repair and show the can.


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Turtle Wax Finilec Instant Puncture Repair 500 ml

990 Lek

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