Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Rapid Decon Wheel Cleaner & Iron Remover

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  • Removes brake dust, rail dust and iron oxides from your wheels and delicate clear coat
  • Scent lock neutralizers eliminate the unpleasant odour of iron removal chemicals
  • pH-neutral formula is safe to use on painted surfaces
  • This revolutionary 2-in-1 wheel cleaner product removes stubborn, iron-based contaminants like brake dust, rail dust and road grime from your wheels.
  • And, unlike other cleaners for your wheels and tyres, this pH-neutral formula is safe to use on your car’s sensitive clear coat. The chemistry in the spray performs the work of a clay bar, only safer because, in many cases, it can be used with touch-free application.

How to use it

To use as a wheel cleaner:

Step 1 – Make sure your wheels are cool to the touch. If needed, cool the wheels with a hose or power washer.

Step 2 – Shake well and spray product onto the surface of the wheel and brake components until well saturated.

Step 3 – Allow the spray to dwell for 2–4 minutes, ensuring that all surfaces stay wet.

Step 4 – If your wheels are heavily stained or soiled, use a wheel cleaning brush to agitate the product, working the spray into all crevices. We recommend the Wheel Woolie Boar’s Hair Soft Brush.

Step 5 – Rinse thoroughly with a power washer or garden hose.

Step 6 – Hand dry using a microfibre towel.

To remove iron contaminants from the clear coat:

Step 1 – Wash and dry your vehicle.

Step 2 – Ensure all surfaces stay cool to the touch. Avoid working in direct sunlight.

Step 3 – Identify the areas you need to decontaminate.

Step 4 – Shake well and spray Hybrid Solutions PRO All Wheel Cleaner + Iron Remover onto a 2’ x 2’ panel until saturated.

Step 5 – Allow the product to dwell for 2–4 minutes.

Step 6 – If your clear coat is heavily contaminated, we recommend using our Microfiber Mesh Bug and Decontamination Towel to agitate the product.

Step 7 – Rinse a power washer or garden hose and towel dry.

Step 8 – Continue decontaminating your car, working in 2’ x 2’ sections.

Step 9 – If any iron contaminants remain, use a clay bar or clay mitt to treat those stubborn areas.

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Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Rapid Decon Wheel Cleaner & Iron Remover

1900 Lek

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