Turtle Wax Power Out Carpet & Mats Heavy Duty Cleaner 400 ml

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• Turtle Wax Power Out! Carpet & Mats Cleaner 400 ml is a Heavy Duty professional strength cleaner developed specifically to clean deep into carpets, mats and rubber boot liners.

• Formulated with oxygenated cleaners for professional strength cleaning on carpets and floor mats.

• Lifts set-in stains including pet soils, heavy duty oil and grease.

• Odor-X technology eliminates odors for up to 30 days.

• Fast-drying formula leaves seats soft without any dampness.

• Leaves a protective barrier to repel future spills & stains.

• Semi-flexible brush bristles reach deep into carpet fibres a rubber mat crevices where wipes can’t, allowing robust cleaning without snagging.

Method of Use

General Cleaning:

– Vacuum any loose dirt.

– Shake can well and spray evenly onto carpet or mats.

– Rub the foam into carpet fibres using integral brush.

– Wipe with a clean cloth.

For Tough Stains/Spot Removal:

– Allow up to a minute for the formula to dwell on stained areas before scrubbing.

– Repeat application as needed to resolve set-in stains.

Tips & Technical Information

• Test first on an inconspicuous area, if adversely affected, refrain from use.

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Turtle Wax Power Out Carpet & Mats Heavy Duty Cleaner 400 ml

1190 Lek

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