Turtle Wax Power Out Leather Cleaner 400 ml

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• Cleans and conditions leather car seats and upholstery and adds a natural satin finish to restore your car interior to showroom fresh.

• Equipped with a patented, integral, soft-bristle brush to loosen tough stains and soils for easy cleaning.

• Infused with Odor-X® technology to eliminate and prevent tough odours from food, coffee, pets and smoke for up to 30 days.

• Easy, spray-and-wipe foam solution; perfect for quick, on-the-go cleaning.

Method of Use

• Vacuum or wipe away any loose soils from your leather car seats and upholstery.

• Spray a generous amount of car leather cleaner onto one interior panel at a time.

• Use the integrated bristle brush to gently scrub stitching, deep cracks and crevices in your leather upholstery to lift stains and soils.

• Fold a microfiber towel into quarters and massage product into leather surfaces, wiping away any excess product and soils.

• Turn your cloth over and lightly buff leather interior to a satin finish.


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Turtle Wax Power Out Leather Cleaner 400 ml

1190 Lek

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