Turtle Wax Renew Polish 500 ml

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• Turtle Wax Renew Polish 500 ml is an all-in-one solution to restore color and shine to paintwork.

• Micro compounds clean, fill-in swirls marks and remove all types of surface scuffs.

• The advanced compounds become finer in use for an initial powerful clean with a fine finish.

• Perfect for older cars where these defects are common and paintwork needs rejuvenating.

Method of Use

• Apply to cool, clean, dry surface.

• Shake bottle well. Using a dampened cloth, apply evenly to affected area with medium pressure.

• When haze appears, buff off with a dry soft cloth.

Tips & Technical Information

• For best results, apply car wax within two weeks of application.

• Renew Polish should only be used to correct specific problems, such as oxidation or new scratches, not as a general car wax. Do not use if lacquer coat is damaged.

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Turtle Wax Renew Polish 500 ml

1190 Lek

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