Bardahl Engine Stop Leak 300ml

2000 Lek

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• This oil additive reduces and / or prevents oil leaks from the motor.

• Can be added to engine oils to stop or strongly reduce oil leakages, because of not well seals or rings.

• Makes synthetic seals and nature rubber seals smooth.

• Does stop oil leakages whereas while driving.

• Raises the engine performance.

• Makes stuck piston loose.

• Reduces the oil consumption.

Method of Use

• It is miscible with all types engine oils and makes seals of synthetic and nature rubber smooth.

• It can also be preventively applied to reduce future oil leakages.

• After lubricating and replacing the oil filter, pour the content of the bottle into your engine oil.

• One bottle treats up to 6 litres of oil

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Bardahl Engine Stop Leak 300ml

2000 Lek

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