Booster Cables 400 A Praxis

2000 Lek

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  • Length: 2.5 m
  • Up to 2000 cc
  • -25° low temperature resistance


  • Establish that both vehicles have the same polarity, both vehicles have either positive earth or both have negative earth (All vehicles manufactured after 1980 are negative earth)
  • Switch off all electrical equipment on both vehicles, including ignition. Select neutral gear (or park if automatic transmission) and apply the handbrake. Ensure that vehicles are not touching

Connection instructions for negative earth vehicles:

  • Connect the red cable to the positive (+) terminal of the booster battery
  • Connect the other and of the red cable to the positive (+) terminal of the flat battery
  • Connect the black cable to the negative (-) terminal of the booster cable
  • Make final connection of the black cable to a substantial, unpainted point on the chassis or engine of the vehicle with the flat battery
  • Ensure that this point is away from the battery, carburettor, fuel lines or brake pipes to minimise any fire risk caused by sparking


  • Ensure that the leads are well clear of any moving parts
  • Start the engine of the good vehicle and allow to run for about one minute
  • Attempt to start the dead flat vehicle and once started allow to run for at least one minute (Do Not allow the cable to become hot. if they do, switch of the engine and allow them to cool)

Disconnecting the cables:

  • Stop the engine of the good (booster) vehicle
  • Disconnect the leads by reversing the order of the connection sequence
  • Take great care to keep clear of moving parts when disconnecting from the running vehicle


  • Explosive gases may be present. Take great care not to create sparks. Extinguish all cigarettes and any naked flames
  • Avoid clamps coming into contact with each other or the vehicle body
  • Ensure that all jewellery is removed from the hands, wrist and neck before working on the battery
  • Ensure that hands and clothing, (particularly belts and scarves) are clear form fan blades and other moving or hot engine parts
  • Ensure that the vehicles are not touching
  • If the vehicle is reluctant to start, then seek expert advice on the cause
  • After use, store the cables in the bag provided to prevent cable damage

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Booster Cables 400 A Praxis

2000 Lek

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