Ratchet Tie Down 500 cm Praxis

600 Lek

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The straps are designed to secure various loads. It is important to choose the right type of strap depending on the weight of the load you want to fasten

Instructions for use:

  • Insert the tape through the slot (A) and pull it up slightly
  • Push down and pull up the handle (B) for to move the ratchet wheel
  • Push the handle (B) down to lock, in this position the strap is locked

Release of the ratchet lever:

  • Pull the handle (B) back to position (A) according to the sketch
  • Release the ratchet lever by operating the ratchet device in position (B) for a maximum opening
  • Remove the tape from the slot

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Ratchet Tie Down 500 cm Praxis

600 Lek

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