Tenzi Gran Dez 2008

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• Concentrated acid product, for cleaning and disinfecting all types of surfaces in the kitchen, gastronomy or food industry, which are resistant to acids.
• It can be used in sanitary facilities, changing rooms, showers and other places with a high level of humidity.
• It is recommended for the disinfection of stainless steel and metal machines and equipment that come into contact with food.
• Does not contain any toxic substances.
• Removes daily pollution in the form of inorganic sediments of calcareous origin, rust and dirt.
• The product is against bacteria and mold. No fragrance.
• pH 1

Application Area

◘ All stainless steel, chrome and nickel surfaces that come into contact with food.
◘ Equipment used in meat processing enterprises
◘ Sanitary surfaces

Method of use

◙ Make the mixture just before using it.
◙ Spread on the surface at a temperature of 20°C:
– bacteria: 2% (200 ml / 10 l water), 5 minutes.
– mold: 5% (500 ml / 10 l water), 15 minutes.
◙ After disinfection, wash the surface with a large amount of drinking water.
◙ Ventilate the room for at least 5 minutes.

Caution: Use strictly according to product label.

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Tenzi Gran Dez 2008

1200 Lek

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