Tenzi GresKam

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• Alkaline product, designed for the complete cleaning of stone, ceramic and microporous tiles.
• It is recommended for the complete cleaning of artificial stone surfaces.
• Removes heavy dirt without leaving any stains.
• pH 14

Application Area

◘ All types of non-absorbent hard floors (ceramic and stone)
◘ Non-enameled surfaces (granite, terracotta, clinker)

Method of Use

– Use a mixture suitable for your task:
– Daily cleaning: 50-100 ml / 10 l of water
– Complete cleaning: 1-2 l / 10 l of water
– Places with high traffic: 100-200 ml / 10 l of water
– When using manual equipment, it is recommended to wash the surface with water.
– When necessary, use DeKam and microfiber cloth during the rinsing process.

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Tenzi GresKam

1000 Lek8000 Lek

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