Tenzi Top Efekt Moss

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• Concentrated product, designed for the removal of fungi and the destruction of moss, algae and lichens from various surfaces.
• After cleaning, the product protects the surface for a long time, creating an environment that opposes the creation of microorganisms.
• Prophylactic use improves the biological resistance of cleaned surfaces.
• pH 7

Application Area

◘ Roof, height, stairs, cracks, balconies
◘ Gravestones

Method of use

◙ Make a mixture just before using.
◙ Use at least 80-100 ml / 1 l of water at 20°C.
◙ Working time is 12-24 hours.
◙ Wash with clean water (use high pressure water or scrub the surface for better effects).
◙ Prophylactic cleaning: 1-2% mixture (10-20 ml / 1 l of water).
◙ Apply with a sprayer.

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Tenzi Top Efekt Moss

1500 Lek6000 Lek

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