Tenzi Uni Shine GT

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• Washing-nutritional product for versatile use, ready to use, with a pleasant and fresh aroma.
• Recommended for all shiny surfaces (lacquered, enamelled, polished).
• Excellently cleans, nourishes and protects surfaces from dust penetration (furniture, tables, rails, window sills, interiors, floors).
• Very efficient and harmless for all delicate and exclusive surfaces.
• Does not create greasy spots.
• Environmentally friendly.
• pH 9

Area of ​​Application

◘ Exclusive furniture
◘ Glossy surfaces (enamelled, varnished, polished)
◘ Tables, rails, window sills, interior fittings, laminated panels

Method of Use

◙ The product is ready for use without dilution.
◙ Spray 1-2 ml/1 m² surface, wipe and polish with a microfiber cloth.

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Tenzi Uni Shine GT

500 Lek750 Lek

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