Tenzi Boberex

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• Solution for washing dishes.
• Effectively removes grease, dirt, food residue, coffee and tea stains.
• Perfectly cleans glass, enamel, steel and aluminum dishes.
• Smoothes them and leaves no stains.
• The product is dermatologically tested.
• Does not irritate or dry the skin.
• pH 6

Application Area

◘ Kitchen utensils

Method of use

◙ Create a mixture of 10-50 ml / 1 l of water.
◙ 100 ml / 1 l of water if there is old and dried fat.
◙ The water temperature should be 30-40°C.
◙ Wash everything with running water.
◙ You can also use the concentrated product.

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Tenzi Boberex

300 Lek4000 Lek

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