Tenzi Derast

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• Highly acidic product, designed to remove scale, limescale and rust from acid-resistant surfaces.
• Contains hydrochloric acid.
• Do not use on enamelled surfaces.
• Do not let the working solution dry on the surface.
• pH 1

Application Area

◘ Old and damaged sanitary facilities (toilets, urinals, boilers).
◘ Final cleaning of floors in new facilities and thorough cleaning of all types of acid-resistant surfaces.
◘ Cleaning of machines and industrial equipment.

Method of use

◙ Machine cleaning: 100 – 200 ml / 10 l of water.
◙ Manual cleaning: 300 – 600 ml / 10 l of water. Wash the surface with high pressure water.
◙ Floors, walls: 100 – 200 ml / 10 l of water.
◙ Toilets and urinals: 1 l/10 l of water.
◙ Boiler: 1:3 with water, reaction time 10-15 min.
◙ After cleaning, wash the surface with water

Caution: Use only in extreme conditions. Sensitive areas such as grout should be treated with water before using the product.

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Tenzi Derast

800 Lek7000 Lek

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