Tenzi Detailer Quartz Reloader

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  • Innovative quartz-ceramic cream. Makes the surface slippery and strongly hydrophobic. Protects all kinds of ceramic coatings.

  • We recommend to use it every 6 months to restore ceramic coatings on paint or rims. It can also be used as the independent coating.

  • Quartz Reloader perfectly fills the micropores, thus the surface gains extra gloss and polish. That smoothness additionally impedes the dirt from sticking and extends the life of coating or the paint itself if the product was applied as a single coating.

Method of use:
1. Prepare the surface before starting the application by cleaning, washing and drying it.
2. Degrease the paint with IPA CLEANER and microfibre towel.
Spread the product with applicator on the first part of the car body.
4. Start buffing right after spreading. Do it gently. Don’t wait too long for it will become very hard to buff.
5. Repeat spreading and buffing on next parts of car body.
After the application leave the product to dry in warm place for at least 4 godziny.

Attention! The temperature of the environment during application and drying should be higher than 15°C. Do not apply on hot surface or in direct sunlight.

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Tenzi Detailer Quartz Reloader

550 Lek1100 Lek (-50%)

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