Tenzi Gran Di-Cl Cip

3500 Lek

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• Concentrated product, with low foam, designed for washing dishes inside dishwashers in the CIP system.
• Effectively removes gastronomic impurities and, thanks to active chlorine, exhibits bleaching properties.
• It is recommended to be used in gastronomy, restaurants, bars, etc.
• pH 14

Application Area

◘ Dishes
◘ Dishwasher
◘ Hospitals, army units, schools, nursing homes, restaurants, bars

Method of use

◙ Mix according to the dishwasher cycle, 2-3 ml/1 l of water.
◙ The water temperature must be above 60 °C.

Caution: Do not mix with other products. It can release harmful gas (chlorine).

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Tenzi Gran Di-Cl Cip

3500 Lek

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