Tenzi Gran Qat

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• Concentrated product, designed for general cleaning and disinfection of various types of surfaces.
• Has disinfectant properties against bacteria and mold.
• It is delicate and does not damage the cleaned surfaces.
• It is recommended for disinfecting the interiors of vehicles during the transport of animals, children or allergic persons.
• pH 7

Application Area

◘ Kitchen furniture, tables, counters, safes, refrigerators, windows
◘ Gastronomic equipment
◘ Sanitary surfaces
◘ Vehicle interiors

Method of use

◙ Recommended mixture for 20°C:
– disinfection for bacteria – 2% mixture (200 ml / 10 l water), working time 5 min.
– disinfection for mold – 2% mixture (200 ml / 10 l water), working time 15 min.
◙ Apply the product through the sprayer and wipe until dry.
◙ In case of surfaces that come into contact with food, wash it with clean drinking water and then wipe it dry.

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Tenzi Gran Qat

1000 Lek4000 Lek

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