Tenzi Rollex Wax

3000 Lek35000 Lek

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• Polymer impregnant with polishing properties.
• Speeds up drying process.
• Excellently protects car paint from harmful atmospheric conditions.
• Provides water drainage effect.
• Dries off automatically without additional air flow.
• Recommended for using in car washes with polishing program.

Application area

• In-bay automatic, tunnel, automatic, manual and self-service car washes
• Car bodies
• All kinds of car paint

Method of use

• Use according to car wash program.

• Maintenance and drying:
– High-pressure washing 1:500 with water (20 ml / 10 l of water) – (15 – 25 g / passenger car).
– Wash down with water.

• Manual washing:
– 1:500 with water (20 ml / 10 l of water).
– Apply through pneumatic or manual sprinkler.
– Product may be diluted with water at 20-60°C temperature.

• For better effects, product should be diluted with demineralized water.
• In case of using local (hard) water wipe it down and polish the surface with soft cloth.

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Tenzi Rollex Wax

3000 Lek35000 Lek

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