Tenzi TopEfekt Contra

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• Alkaline product with low foam, intensive and wide range of use.
• Recommended for thorough cleaning of all types of heavily contaminated industrial floors with the help of washing machines. It doesn’t leave any stains.
• Excellently dissolves most polymer layers from alkaline-resistant floors.
• Recommended for use in hypermarkets.
• pH 14

Application Area

◘ Large areas (warehouses, hypermarkets, industrial facilities, etc.)

Method of Use

◙ Machine cleaning: 50-200 ml / 10 l of water
◙ Complete cleaning: 200-500 ml / 10 l of water
◙ Removal of old clothing: 1-3 l / 10 l of water
◙ Washing with water slows down the re-contamination of the floor.

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Tenzi TopEfekt Contra

7000 Lek

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