Turtle Wax All Metal Polish 300 ml

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• Turtle Wax All Metal Polish 300 ml is an 3-in-1 active restoration product for all metal surfaces.

• Mild abrasive cleaners and polishing agents work to remove rust, carbon deposits and oxidation.

• Wax-emulsion formula quickly dries to the touch with no greasy residue.

• Restores shine and luster to chrome and metal surfaces such as tail pipes, rims, trims and roof racks.

Method of Use

• Shake the bottle well.

• Apply sparingly to a clean, soft cloth.

• Using medium pressure, rub over the area to be treated and allow to dry to a haze.

• Buff lightly using a fresh, clean, lint-free cloth.

Tips & Technical Information

• Avoid direct sunlight and do not use if surfaces are hot to touch.

• On badly tarnished surfaces, a second application maybe required.

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Turtle Wax All Metal Polish 300 ml

1090 Lek

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