Tenzi Alcovirex

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• Product for hygienic hand disinfection and disinfection of surfaces against viruses.
• Recommended for disinfection of metals, glass, ceramics, door handles, handrails, gloves, office equipment, mobile phones, payment terminals, etc.
• Effective against: coronavirus, norovirus and adenovirus.
• pH 7

Application Area

◘ Public institutions (kindergartens, kindergartens, schools, offices)
◘ Contact with food (gastronomy, food industry)
◘ Medical practices (health services)

Method of use

◙ Do not dilute it with water.
◙ Hand disinfection:
– Pour about 3 ml of the product into your hands and rub them for 30 seconds. Let it dry on its own.
◙ Surface disinfection:
– Apply the product to the surface, leave for 60 seconds and then wipe until dry.

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Tenzi Alcovirex

240 Lek3000 Lek

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