Tenzi Cabrio Prot 0.6 L

2500 Lek

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• Newest NANO technology for securing textiles. Protects the surface from discolouration, moisture, dirt settling, salt and atmospheric conditions.
• Refreshes colour and creates a protective coating which simplifies water drainage.
• Impregnated surface strongly repels the liquid, causing that it doesn’t soak into it, but runs down the surface as a droplets of water. Effectively limits atmospheric conditions and UV rays influence.

Application area

• Cabriolet roofs (textile)
• Tarpaulin
• Textiles

Method of use

• Apply product evenly on dry and clean tarpaulin roof of the cabriolet, with the use of the sprinkler and leave it to dry off on its own.

Warning: It is recommended to check the colour durability of the materials which you want to impregnate.

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Tenzi Cabrio Prot 0.6 L

2500 Lek

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