Tenzi Glass Quartz GT

700 Lek

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• Ready-to-use product designed for cleaning and protecting glass surfaces on the exterior and interior of a building (glass, mirrors, showcases, partition walls, etc.).
• Leaves a hydrophobic layer which significantly slows down the redeposition of dirt.
• Excellently removes daily impurities of any kind (organic and mineral).
• Environmentally friendly.
• pH 5

Application Area

◘ The windows
◘ Mirrors
◘ Shop windows
◘ Partition walls

Method of use

◙ Use undiluted.
◙ Apply 1-2 doses on 1m² of surface.
◙ Wipe the surface with a clean woolen cloth or microfiber cloth.
Warning: Do not use this product on very hot surfaces. The use of different rubbing cloths significantly improves the visual effect and quality of the hydrophobic coating.

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Tenzi Glass Quartz GT

700 Lek

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