Tenzi Rubber Off

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• Concentrated product designed to remove rubber marks from all types of hard surfaces.
• Excellently removes dirt and adhesives used by athletes (paraffin and resin).
• Effective in a mixture of 2-30%.
• pH 13

Application Area

◘ Recommended for complete cleaning:
– Industrial floors (epoxy resin, concrete, sandstone, natural stone)
– Office floors (ceramics, linoleum, PVC)
– Sports floors (parquets, PVC, etc.)

Method of Use

◙ Fresh dirt: 0.5 – 2% (50 – 200 ml / 10 l of water)
◙ Old dirt: 10 – 20% (1 – 2 l / 10 l of water)
◙ Spot cleaning (layered dirt) 1:3 with water
◙ Prepare a mixture depending on the level of dirt, apply it to the dirty area and wait 1-2 minutes.
◙ Clean by machine or by hand, wipe off all dirt and wash the area with fresh water.
◙ Dry it yourself or let it dry by itself.
Caution: On polymer surfaces, use a maximum of 1% mixture (100 ml / 10 l of water) for spot cleaning.

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Tenzi Rubber Off

1700 Lek12000 Lek

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