Turtle Wax Snow Foam Shampoo Cherry Scent 5 L

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• Turtle Wax Snow Foam shampoo delivers a next generation car cleaning experience. To be used as foaming pre-wash or contact wash it will perform the hard work of cleaning for you by removing contaminants such as dirt, grime, traffic film and road salt that would otherwise be moved around the vehicle with a wash mitt causing minor scratches and swirl marks.

• Thick foam blanket delivers awesome cling time of active detergents!

• Active foam encapsulates traffic film, greases, oils and grime before lifting them from its surface…true contactless cleaning!

• Advanced hydrophobic polymers for easier streak free rinsing.

• Rich cherry scent for awesome user experience during application.

Method of Use

• Set up snow foam lance as per manufacturer’s instructions and fill reservoir with Turtle Wax Snow Foam – do not dilute.

• Turn on pressure washer and adjust spray pattern as required. Working from the top-down cover the entire surface of the vehicle in foam.

• Agitate with a wash mitt or sponge before rinsing with clean water.

Tips & Technical Information

• Do not use in direct sunlight. Optimum results are obtained by drying with a chamois leather or equivalent to prevent water-spotting.

• Do not allow foam to dry onto paintwork surface as streaking may occur. Typical use 100-300 ml per vehicle. Hardware and user dependent, approximate guide only.

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Turtle Wax Snow Foam Shampoo Cherry Scent 5 L

2500 Lek

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