Tenzi Gran Smog Extra

9000 Lek

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• Highly concentrated product, designed for thorough cleaning of ovens, ovens, stoves, grates and fireplaces.
• With high foam, easily removes burnt dirt from all types of surfaces.
• Recommended for industrial areas. Do not use on aluminum surfaces.
• The product is several times stronger than Gran Smog.
• pH 14

Application Area

◘ Ovens, stoves, chimneys, smoking rooms

Method of use

◙ It is recommended to use the foaming method.
◙ Accumulations of solid fats and burnt residues: 2-3 l / 10 l of water.
◙ Daily cleaning: 500-1000 ml / 1 l of water.
◙ Water temperature 40-60°C.
◙ Response time is about 15 minutes.
◙ Wash with clean, hot water and let it dry on its own.

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Tenzi Gran Smog Extra

9000 Lek

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